About Us

In 1997 the first VibraLITE® Vibration Watch was introduced. This innovative product was a new addition to the line of products manufactured by Global Assistive Devices, Inc., a family owned and operated company that started their business in 1989.

Being the parents of a deaf son, the owners realized the need to give persons with hearing loss, the assistance of an alarm watch that persons with normal hearing already enjoyed.

VibraLITE® was received by consumers with enthusiasm. It was soon brought to our attention, that this would be a valuable tool for anyone needing reminders in a noisy environment when an audible alarm cannot be heard or for “Confidential Reminders” for medications or medical conditions to alert them without disturbing others. The uses seemed endless and new markets ensued. It is such a wonderful business to be in when you can help people in coping with their daily lives.
Our valued customers were full of suggestions and happy to give input. Because of this, ongoing improvements and features were implemented in subsequent models.
In 1998, the “VibraLITE® 2” watch collection was introduced.
In 1999, the “VibraLITE® 3” watch collection was introduced.
In 2007, we proudly introduced our “VibraLITE® 8” series.
2011 brought us to another milestone with our exceptional “VibraLITE® 12” series.

After 15 years of experience in manufacturing Vibration Alarm Watches, in the fall of 2012 we launched the “VibraLITE® Mini”.

We are so pleased to offer 22 models of VibraLITE® to meet the individual needs of various consumers and their budgets.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and we truly appreciate your business!