Selecting the Right Model

Ask yourself the following questions and put your requirements on a priority list.

How many alerts do you need during a 24 hour period? Example: Medication Reminders; Medical Condition reminders; Time Management etc. (medication compliance; testing Glucose levels, repositioning to relieve pain, timed voiding, dieting; keep on track, scheduling, being on time).

Are the alerts needed at Regular Intervals (every 20 minutes; every 2 hours etc.) or are they at Specific Times during the day (8 a.m.; 10:30 a.m.; noon; 3:15 p.m.; 5 p.m.; 9:45 p.m.) or Both Specific and Interval?

Do you need the Countdown to repeat automatically each time it reaches zero? Example: when set for 3 hours (or 20 minutes or 45 minutes 10 seconds), the countdown will automatically reset itself each time it reaches zero for another 3 hours (or 20 minutes or 45 minutes 10 seconds).

Do you need more than one Repeatable Countdown Timer? Example: One Countdown Timer to be set for every 15 minutes to perform an ongoing task and another set for every 4 hours to take medication.

Do you want to have reference to the number of times the Countdown Timer has repeated?

Do you want reminders before zero on the Countdown Timer? Reminders at 10 minutes and again at 5 minutes before the countdown finishes will alert you that you designated time is almost up. (an appointment or session coming to an end; time to wrap up a presentation; etc.)

Do you want to be able to shut off the reminders on the Countdown Timer? Example: You want to set the Countdown Timer for a nap and not want reminders before your allotted time but may want reminders before zero at other times.

Do you need a 24 Hour Clock as well as a 12 Hour Clock?

Do you need more than one Time Zone? A second or third time zone can be helpful when travelling. (Set one time zone to present location and another to home location.)

Digit sizes can be important to persons will lower vision. Check them out.

Are you concerned about accidental changes to settings while wearing the watch? When alarms selected (vibration, audible or both) are set in a separate Option Mode they remain securely set.

Are you concerned about a child or senior changing the settings of the alarms or countdown timer by pushing buttons? A Lock Out Feature will eliminate this concern.

What is your wrist size? Select the wrist size and a band that will fit comfortably. Note: Bands can be replaced with standard bands commercially available if they are the same width to fit our modules.

Are you aware that the user will be hard on a watch? Look at module case material, strap and crystal materials.


Review the “Comparison Chart” of various models to help in your decision.