What does Water Resistant mean?

The “VibraLITE” watches are resistant to water but they are not waterproof. There is an “O” ring seal between the top and bottom housing and around the push buttons to make the watch resistant to water entering.

Can I wear “VibraLITE” in the shower or when swimming?

VibraLITE watches are not designed for swimming, showering or diving.

What is the ISO standard for water resistance?

Standard ISO 22810 for Water Resistance ensures resistance of penetration of water entering the case. To maintain water resistance the crown, pushers, lens, case and gaskets must remain intact. When changing the battery, ensure O-ring is installed in O-ring tube securely before repositioning case back. Avoid chemical exposure that can cause etching of case and hitting the case heavily. We recommend avoiding swimming while wearing the watch.

What is the rating of VibraLITE watches?

VibraLITE 2, all models (ABS case): 30M
VibraLITE 3, all models (ABS case): 30M
VibraLITE 8, VL8A models (ABS case): 30M
VibraLITE 8, VL8S models (S/S case): 50M
VibraLITE 12, all models: 30M
VibraLITE MINI, all models: 50M