Why Wear a Vibrating Reminder Watch

VibraLITE® is the watch with a big difference because Vibrations on your wrist will alert you each time an alarm, the countdown timer or hourly alert is activated.

Don’t want to disturb or alert others? Want private reminders?

Others will not be alerted with your reminders or wake up call because you don’t need to have an audible alarm set.

Can’t hear an audible alarm?

You won’t miss being alerted in noisy situations or because of a hearing loss because you feel the vibrations.

Need reminders for Medical Conditions or Medication?

VibraLITE® can be preset for numerous times during the day as often as you require.

Need to keep on track?

The private “Attention Grabbers” of vibration on your wrist will alert you to performing Daily Living Skills as needed.

Do you have special timing needs?

VibraLITE® can be set for any time measured task, anytime, anywhere.

Check out “Uses For VibraLITE®” for a partial list of endless possibilities.